Breach of the peace at two fox hunts in Fife

Breach of the peace at two fox hunts Around Fife

A man has been sentenced after causing a breach of the peace at two fox hunts in Fife.

Thirty-three-year-old Kevin Newell caused alarm and distress to those legally participating in the hunts in North East Fife in November 2015 by following the hunting pack, behaving in an intimidating manner with his face covered with a snood or balaclava.

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At Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday (Thursday 21 July) Newell received a 90 hour Community Payback Order.

Detective Inspector Colin Robson said: “We understand that fox hunting is an emotive issue that can be very divisive, however this is no excuse for any offence being committed.

“We police hunts in Fife to ensure the safety of everyone participating in or observing the events, and to ensure they take place legally. This applies equally to those who oppose hunting and those in the pack taking part.

“There is a right to peacefully and lawfully protest in a public place and a procedure for legally hunting with dogs. In this case, Newell’s behaviour was unacceptable and it should send a clear message to anyone intending to disrupt a hunt in this way that we will take action.”