English Referendum on Scotlands removal from Union

The petition was started on 38degrees.org.uk and has over 11,000 signatures

Petition reads
A lot of debate has been happening in Scotland about the benefits of the Union to them, but none has been had south of the border about whether they contribute enough to the union to want them to remain part of it. What is the benefit of the Scots in the Union? What financial situation would we find with them in it or out of it? What are these transfer of powers likely to mean for people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

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There has been no debate as to what England’s benefit is from this, nor what passing all these suggested powers would entail. In short, despite being part of the union the ramification of Scotland remaining in has not been explained or explored for English people. It is therefore vital that we open a debate where we understand the benefits of this Union to the everyday person and why we should want it to continue.