Fife facebook scam on buy & sell groups

Please be aware of scams on Facebook buy & selling groups, here is a story sent in to us.

The scammer starts by telling you the pups are free to good homes and give you info about the pups to get you interested and asks you questions about your home environment to make it sound official.

Buyer: “Hi can you give me more info and the pugs please.”

Scammer: “They are not for sale they are for good homes only have two pug puppies one male and one female they are 17 weeks old, playful lovely and will come with all they need. We want to know the following”
1. Where exactly are you located?
2. Are you a breeder?
3. Do you have kids?
4. Do you have experience in pug pups?
5. Have you been keeping kids are you married with kids or single?
6. Do you have any other pets?

Buyer: “Please let me know ASAP. I’m happy for you to come to see for yourself.”

The scammer then tell you they are not looking for a re-homing fee. They say a family member is sick and need to move home but there landlord does not allow pets that’s why they need re homing.

How the scam works they then tell you that you cant collect in person they need to deliver the pugs via a pet courier and you need to pay the deliver fee in this case its £140 for one or £180 for two online or how they will accept the money. If you don’t pay the will usually block you, if you do pay they will block you and wont receive your dogs you are waiting on and lose the money you paid.