More bogus callers attack people in Fife again

beat the bogus callers around fife

People in Ballingry, Cowdenbeath & Dunfermline has reported call from people saying there from the bank, after they have check with the bank they were would that the bank never contacted them.

Here are nine things that, if they happen to you, should set off alarm bells.

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– You get a call, text, email or letter out of the blue

– The caller tries to put you on edge by highlighting that you are at risk

– The caller doesn’t know your name or state what financial institution they are calling from

– You’re asked to give personal details or passwords – your bank will never ask for full passwords, or your PIN code

– You’ve never heard of the competition you’re told you’ve won

– You’re asked to make an advance payment

– You’re pushed to make a quick decision – scammers don’t want to give you time to think

– You’re told to keep it a secret

– You’re told they will call to collect ‘compromised’ cards