WARNING against entering old buckhaven high school

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Officers are issuing a safety warning against entering the old Buckhaven High School building, which is in the process of being demolished.

Some of the demolition work has commenced and the building is in a poor state of repair. This poses a high risk of serious injury or worse.

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Community Sergeant Craig Fyall said: “We would like to stress the dangers of entering the building and any person caught doing so will face charges.

“Due to the demolition work the old school has become increasingly hazardous and anybody entering the site is at risk of serious injury.

“Security has been increased but any person entering or attempting to enter will be prosecuted.

“Five people have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for offences including theft and vandalism since the closure of the school.”ntinuing our checks and any driver found exceeding the speed limits will be dealt with robustly.”