What can be done to prevent closure of the FRB?

Forth road bridge Around Fife

What can we do to prevent closure of the FRB as a result of irresponsible lorry drivers?

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It has taken people 6 hours to return home to Fife from Edinburgh yesterday due to the closure of the FRB. It has been reported that a high sided lorry crossed the bridge despite the warnings that the bridge was closed to high sided vehicles. The result was hundreds of commuters were stranded for hours in traffic and The lost time resulted in lost revenue of hundreds of pounds.

What can be done to further deter any future incidents? The only thing preventing a high sided vehicle from crossing the bridge is a sign.

This relies on the driver complying with the request and taking action. What about foreign drivers who cannot understand the written English language? How do we prevent them from crossing?

Surely more must be done to prevent the huge cost to the tax payer?


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